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Our latest addition is the finishing touch!

We continue to expand the Ide family’s hotel in the heart of Zoute with the utmost respect. The stunning brasserie, bar and delightful south-facing terrace have all been fully renovated and are now open for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs, dinner or a nightcap, both for visitors and hotel guests.

  • Vincent Van Laere and Rik Ruebens are providing a complete make-over in collaboration with OVS-Decoratie and Vervarcke Interieur.
  • From 15 July, Meubili will provide a new and luxurious outdoor experience.
Lebeau19 BV

Our Team

  • Our 26 rooms and suites are managed by Nadine Weiss who is assisted by Carmina Vidal and Stephane Storme.
  • Our chambermaids work to ensure the perfect maintenance of the attractive rooms,
  • Lut Colpaert takes care of your breakfast,
  • In the kitchen, we have our excellent chef, Geert Versele. He offers you an extensive creative menu, from French classic dishes to exotic tapas. You can find the menu under the “Restaurant” tab,
  • Our front of house staff is led by Morgan Robyns and the rest of the team, they will serve you with a smile,
  • Our extensive wine list is presented to you by Karel Coudyser.
  • Along with our other favourite places:
    Put 19, Zoutestrand 19&The Nighteen, our team is ready to serve you with warmth and enthusiasm, dressed by Marie-Claire Zoute, UNO and Jacob Cohen.
Lebeau19 BV

So happy to see you again!

Karel en Wim

Lebeau19 BV